Recession Proof Post Gay Profession

In these difficult financial times it may be hard to find/keep employment. Although I finished school a couple years back, I had a change of heart and decided to go back to study veterinary medicine.


But then I started wondering... is being a Vet really that Post Gay? I mean, I'm pretty sure the job pays ok, but I really don't want to lose my Post-Gay street cred. So after much consideration (and questionable chemical concoctions) I decided to become a professional Lion Rider.


Any other Post Gay professions I should look into? I'm pretty sure I found the perfect one.

My Little Brother's Wedding...

In a few short hours my little brother will be taking the plunge into holy matrimony, effectively ruining his life. Jk!

Srsly though, I love my little brother and junk but I can't help but feel bad about the fact that much more responsible peeps (gays and lesbians) can't get married, and his 21 year old ass can. Well that's it, just a quick post before bed. Any thoughts on this???

PS. If this blog post looks weird, it's because I wrote it on my iPhone.

Bitchy Shirts

Every gay guy has an inner bitch. Some just let it out more frequently than others (Angryfaggot I'm looking in your direction). Sometimes I don't feel like I have the time to be bitchy, or don't feel like making the effort, so I decided to come up with two shirts that will do all the work for me.



What do you think? Where would be a good place for me to wear them? I'm thinking over dinner at your parents house.


Kenley Collins Arrested!!!

Despite my Post-Gayness I must admit that I'm a Project Runway fan. And it's not just because of Tim Gunn.


Last season there was one designer who I loved/hated for the first half of the season and then she went and dissed Tim so the bitch got on my bad side.

Well guess what? The bitch got arrested.


You can read about it:

She throws a cat at her BF. What a bitch!!!

Kinda Makes Me Wish I Had Never Quit My Guitar Lessons

I'm speechless.

How To Kiss Someone Passionately

I remember my first few awkward kisses when I was younger, I'd like to think that I'm better at it now. If you're still unsure about your kissing technique, maybe this video might help.


The Perfect Kiss:How To Kiss Someone Passionately