So it's not just in the gay world.


Post-Gay Clergy

I cant help it, I just fucking love Pundit Kitchen. You have to admit this one is pretty fuckin' Post Gay.

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The Post-Gay Candidate


I found this online somewhere, I'm sure whoever made this knows a little more about McCain than your avg. post-gay kid. Do you think he enjoys the occasional fist in ass? I must admit, he looks pretty hawt in this pic. I would totally fist him.
Political Picture - John McCain
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If I wasn't Post-Gay I'd be all over Putin. Remember those shirtless pics of him? I know someone who totally got his rocks off because of those. Georgia should totally surrender just because Putin is such a bad ass.
Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
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My Mom Won't Let Me Be Post-Gay

I often wonder what the kids go through these days when they reveal to their parents that they're Post-Gay. I suppose the mom doesn't really have to worry about him going around and re-decorating the living room or him wearing her clothes. This reminds me of the story of a Chilean youth by the name of Jorge. Jorge wanted nothing more than to lead a Hardcore rebellious life.

But Alas, his mom just wouldn't let him.

I wonder if things would be easier for him if he just wanted to be Post-Gay?

Hot New Trend Alert


Any takers? Looks nice and hot!

Hot New Trend Alert!!!

Nothing says "High IQ" quite like a handsome wealthy older man with a young (25ish) hispanic blogger boyfriend. That's when you know you have very refined taste in men. So if you're feeling lonely in your brand-new Mercedes G-Wagon, you now know what you're missing.

Gay Stereotype we are Soooooo Done With

We've all seen it, especially in Orange County. The 50yr old unattractive guy with the 18yr old Filipino club kid.

to the Older Guy
* The only reason you're with the Filipino kid is because his hairless prepubescent body is as close are you're going to get to porking a minor. You might as well go ahead and change your name to Mark Foley (who is probably hotter than you are).

To the Kid
* Get a fucking job.


Post-Gay Sex Acts

Anal is sooooo 5 minutes ago, these days you need to stay ahead of the game (and I don't mean giving head). Word on the street is that tug jobs are coming back (in a big way).

2K8.7 is about to rear its big throbbing purple veiny head pretty soon and you need to be ready. Now I'm not saying that anal is out the door completely, just with the cool-ass Post-Gay kids who don't want any booty juice splashing on their Italian leather shoes.

So think about it kids, every time you stick a cock up your ass, you're taking us back at least 5 mins. Do you really want that weight on your shoulders?

Peace out bitches!

What it Means to Be Post-Gay

It means fuck off! Throw your Scissor Sisters CD's in the (Pacific) ocean. Subscribe to Out Magazine because you're Post-Gay not straight. Go buy scuba gear, dive in to the Pacific, and fish out your SS cd's because you realized you bought them not because it's very gay to own them, but you actually liked their music.

Take up scuba diving as a hobby. have friends that are still just "gay", their presence makes you even more Post-Gay.

and whatever you do don't listen to Mika. He'll ruin your Post-Gay cred faster than if you wore a "I <3 Muff Diving" shirt on Santa Monica Blvd.