Bitchy Shirts

Every gay guy has an inner bitch. Some just let it out more frequently than others (Angryfaggot I'm looking in your direction). Sometimes I don't feel like I have the time to be bitchy, or don't feel like making the effort, so I decided to come up with two shirts that will do all the work for me.



What do you think? Where would be a good place for me to wear them? I'm thinking over dinner at your parents house.



Max said...

That's not possible: my parents are no longer together.

Wait, did they get re-married and not tell me? They're jerks.

hellodlo said...

i like your second t-shirt...i would wear it to the gym cause even though its "gay church" i live in central Cali which is full of farmers and breeders... ugh I can't wait to move out of here... :)