Question of the Day - Vol. 1

From time to time I receive questions via Twitter or other sources. Today's question comes from a shy young man from Connecticut.


My girlfriend and I are considering bringing in a third party into our bedroom. Now, I'm for it, but I'm wondering if having another man in there will make me gay. Please Help!

Post Gay Answer:

It's only gay if your balls touch, see picture below...


Yavin Dallips said...

IMHO its not what you do that makes gay, its the desire and living the life. It could be a good old fashioned pig on a spit, or the questioner could be the lucky pierre in a cornhole train to Gynatown. Even then, what should matter is what happens. He could be bisexual pan sexual or don't ask don't tell. Whooops too late for the ask part. Ke7in

FallenAngelM said...

i believe that if you and the third party become sexually involved then u may have to question ur sexuality but if it remains strictly between you and your girlfriend then well shit... HAVE FUN!!!!

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