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Post-Gay Video Series V1

Yet another song from Cinephile66

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Musical Genuis

I've been on Twitter (in this incarnation) since December 2K8, and in this short time I have come across some really cool people. One of these people is Cinephile66 (click to follow him). He has a really neat YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself singing and having a good time.

A couple days ago asked him for a favor. I asked if he'd sing "Muskrat Love" (The Captain & Tennille version) and dedicate it to me on YouTube. Being the trooper that he is, he obliged. The following is the result.

The Evolution of HomoHop

Queer Hip Hop... not something you hear about everyday, but it's the subject of Pick Up the Mic, a new documentary.

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Feel Like Going To a Lesbian Bar

Thats right! I feel like going to a LESBIAN bar! I want all the LGBT fun without all the pressure/cattyness that comes with a gay bar. Just hope I don't look like this...

Post-Gay Podcast?


Should I podcast? If so, what should I podcast about? Solo or joint effort with angryfggt? Should we have guests? Should we blog about Tim Gunn's underwear? Should I podcast about bro's?